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Seven Jewish Children

by Caryl Churchill
Director: Rehaan Engineer
2009, Mumbai
Character: 1

Peach Blossom Spring by Stan Lai

NIDA Director Project 2001
Director: Luke Yen
Character: Master Yuan

Doctrine: How To Survive Under Siege

Kunsten Festival Des Arts, Brussels, Belgium 2008
Director: Rehaan Engineer

Miss Bollywood - The Shilpa Shetty Musical

German and UK Tour, Royal Albert Hall, London 2007
Directors: Cineyug, The Moranis, Michael E Ward
Choreographer: Ganesh Hegde
Character: Nick Madhvani

The Oresteia /Romeo and Juliet

by Aeschylus/Shakespeare
NIDA Company/9th International Drama Schools Festival, Transylvania, Romania
Character: Orestes
Director: Mark Gaal

Fewer Emergencies By Martin Crimp

Any Road Productions/Tamarama Rock Surfers
Old Fitzroy Theatre 2006
Character 2, 1, 3
Director: Mark Haslam

Amie Mckenna & The Boy Birds

Cabaret at BAR ME, Kings Cross 2006
Director: Robert Kennedy
Character Beebop Boy Bird


UK, Ireland, Asia, New Zealand Tour (Understudy to Nathan and Tim)
Director: Lisa Freshwater

Roald Dahls Shorts – Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts

Sydney Puppet Theatre
Director: Sue Wallace
Character: Roald Dahl

The Wind in the Willows - adapted by Glen Elston

Royal Botanic Gardens 2005, 2003, 2005 Tour to Lismore Australian Shakespeare Company
Director: Marion Bragge
Character: Toad

Spew by Melita Rowston

Darlinghurst Theatre 2004, In The Raw Festival
Director: Melita Rowston

Thats The Ticket –The Musical

Tom Mann Theatre
Writer/Director: Emily Gibson
Character: Flesh Azair

Opera X – Burning Bridges: A Musical Odyssey

Edge Theatre
Musical Director: Andrew Davidson
Characters: Various

Frozen by Michael OBrien

Downstairs Belvoir St Theatre, Bsharp 2003
Director: Kate Gaul
Character: Patrick

Teaching the Fairies to Swim by Ray Goodlass

ASN Gallery, Playworks 2002
Director: David Fenton
Character: Robert

Spunks by Rebel Wilson

SBW Stables Theatre 2002
Director: Melita Rowston Character: Chad

Sticks and Stones by Paul Johnson

Brainstorm Productions Theatre in Education 2002
Director: Jenny Johnson
Character: Joe

Short and Sweet: Pokie Face by Benito DiFonza

Newtown Theatre 2002
Director: Mark Cleary
Character: Luigi Jnr.

Instant Karma by Martyn Park

Bondi Pavilion Theatre 2001
Director: Martyn Park
Character: Nick Inkle

Saint Theo by Campion Decent

Downstairs Seymour Centre 2001
Director: Jim Sharman
Character: Virgil

There Is No Need To Wake Up

Tthe Sydney Olympic Arts Festival, Sydney Opera House
Devised by Barrie Kosky and Final Year NIDA actors
Director: Barrie Kosky
Character: Queen Elizabeth I

Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill: A Musical Voyage

Music by Kurt Weill
NIDA Production
Director: Jim Sharman
Character: Tenor

The Flying Doctor by Moliere

NIDA Directors Piece
Director: Clarence Dany
Character: Gros Rene

The Golden Age by Louis Nowra

NIDA Production
Director: Adam Cook
Characters: Mac, George Ross, James

The Post Office by Rabindranath Tagore

NIDA Directors Piece
Directed by Sharna Galvin
Character: Thakurda

The Beaux Strategem by George Farquar

NIDA Production
Director: Jennifer Hagan
Character: Squire Sullen

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

NIDA Production
Director: John Clark
Characters: Friar Lawrence, Peter

The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

NIDA Production
Directed by Antoinette Blaxland
Character: Lopakhin

Clark In Sarajevo by Catherine Zimdahl

NIDA Production
Director: Carlton Lamb
Characters: Boris, Haris, Henri, Commander

OnSTAGE: Choose Your Own Adventure

Everest Theatre, Seymour Centre

Our Countrys Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Review Theatre 1998
Director: Jason Langley
Characters: Robert Sideway, Captain Collins

Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn

Studio Theatre, Newtown 1997
Director: Judith Woodruffe
Characters: Gosforth, Harry

In a Pigs Valise

by Eric Overmyer, Music by August Darnell, Studio Theatre, Newtown 1996
Director: Ned Manning
Character: Shrimp Bucket

Camino Real by Tennessee Williams

Studio Theatre, Newtown
Director: Judith Woodruffe
Character: Gutman

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